Prebiotic Diet

Prebiotics Can Make All The Difference To Digestive Health

A prebiotic diet is one of the most important and yet most overlooked factors in maintaining good digestive health. That’s because for years people have been clinging to the notion that probiotics found in substances like yogurt can provide the healing your body needs. This is simply not true and the more we learn about prebiotics the more that thinking is changing.

While probiotics can help to introduce “good” bacteria into the body to offset the rampant growth of “bad” bacteria, they are not really the cure all that they have been touted to be. Before you reach for the yogurt to offset your latest bout of upset stomach, consider that probiotics are not found anywhere in nature. They must be produced artificially through fermentation.

On the other hand, prebiotics are found in a number of foods including kiwi fruit, onions, honey, oats and soluble fiber. Once introduced into the body, they can promote the natural production of “good” bacteria by the body itself. This leads to prebiotic diet benefits.

Unfortunately, a prebiotic diet is difficult to maintain since in many of the prebiotic rich foods, the highest concentrate of the helpful substance is found in inedible parts of the plant.

This is particularly true of the kiwi, where most of the prebiotics are found in the skin. But now there is a way to not only get the helpful healing provided by prebiotics but other important aids to digestive health as well.

The answer is a supplement made from freshly harvested kiwi fruit. This all-natural product contains a rich amount of prebiotics, along with phenols, enzymes and fiber.

The combination of prebiotics and phenols is particularly important to your digestive health. That’s because, while prebiotics promote the production of “good” bacteria, phenols work to inhibit the growth of “bad” bacteria. An imbalance between the two kinds of bacteria is the single biggest cause of most common digestion problems.

Adding one dose of kiwi supplement a day to your regular routine can therefore make a huge difference for your digestive system. Of course, this can only truly be achieved by using a supplement made from the freshest kiwi and processed in such a way that all of the fruit’s healing substances are retained.

Digestive problems can strike at any age, and any member of your family, no matter how young or old, can benefit from a prebiotic diet that includes the use of an all-natural kiwi supplement.

Since it contains nothing but kiwi, which is a food and not a medication, this kind of supplement is safe for everyone to use and can provide a wide range of benefits for your whole family.

You can’t afford to take your digestive health for granted, so make sure you and your family are getting everything you need to keep functioning at your best. That means a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and a kiwi supplement once a day so that you can all eat, drink and be happy…and healthy too!

That’s why we recommend – and take ourselves – Kiwi-Klenz.


Kiwi-Klenz Prebiotic Supplement

**NOTICE: Kiwi-Klenz is a new name for Digesten-K. Nothing has changed but the name.**