Digestive Health Nutrition

Proper Nutrition And Good Digestion Go Hand In Hand

For digestive health nutrition is the key. By eating a proper diet, you can help to maintain the balance in your body that is necessary for good health. It’s all about making sure you have enough of the right substances and are eliminating the harmful elements. If you can establish this balance in your digestive system, it will have a positive effect on the rest of your body.

Good health begins with the foods you put in your body and how they are broken down. If the digestive process does not go smoothly, it can result in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including bloating, gas, cramps and straining. For the thousands of people who suffer from digestive ailments such as diverticulitis, avoiding these symptoms is particularly crucial.

You can promote good digestion by carefully choosing the foods you eat and being particularly sure to include those that are rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are essentially food for the “good” bacteria in the body. They stimulate the growth of this bacteria and help it to counterbalance the harmful bacteria that cause illness.

When considering digestive health nutrition, you want to include foods such as bananas, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, oats and kiwi fruit, all of which are especially high in prebiotics. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the proper amount of prebiotics through a standard diet as they are generally found in the inedible parts of these foods, but you can bolster your regular diet with a natural kiwi supplement to make up the difference.

Made entirely from freshly harvested New Zealand kiwis, natural supplements are completely harmless and side effect free making them safe for people of all ages. They are even safe for pregnant and nursing mothers and can help to bolster the levels of prebiotics found in breast milk. This way you can not only improve your own digestive health but also ensure that your baby is starting off on the right foot with everything he needs.

And improving digestive health is just one way that prebiotics can help. They can also increase energy levels, improve circulation to promote good heart health and strengthen immune system function, increasing your body’s own natural defenses against illness. This all adds up to good overall health, achieved naturally.

In terms of digestive health nutrition is the starting point. If you put the right things into your body, you are assured of getting everything out of it that you need. It’s the same as putting gas in your car; if you want the engine to run smoothly, you need to give it the proper fuel. For maintaining inner balance in your body, prebiotics are the fuel of choice and you now have several options to help you get them.

If you want to make sure that your body is digesting properly, then feed it plenty of prebiotics to help regulate that inner balance. Once you are properly balanced on the inside, you’ll be able to get the most out of life at every stage. It’s that simple, naturally.

That’s why we recommend – and take ourselves – Kiwi-Klenz.


Kiwi-Klenz Prebiotic Supplement

**NOTICE: Kiwi-Klenz is a new name for Digesten-K. Nothing has changed but the name.**